Post Office Confusion

I recently ordered 2 things off the Internet, one from Mercari and one from (or or whatever it is that handles it now). I put in the tracking numbers through the Shop app so I could track them without having to check the carriers’ sites all the time.

Jesus. H. Christ. Never have I had this much trouble tracking packages before.

The one from Mercari, according to the tracking number I was given, says it hasn’t even left yet. According to the shipper he sent it the day of or day after I ordered it.

“Ready to ship”…maybe.

The other one is in transit, though the tracking number shows it stuck in Ohio somewhere.

Visiting fabulous Ohio, apparently.

Then there are 2 mystery packages from Mercari that I don’t even know what they ARE but apparently one of my mystery packages arrives today.

Bonus mystery items!

The watch is the one I’m hoping arrives soon because I want to have it before I leave on vacation Friday (Disney World here I come!) because my other one bit the dust after I put a new battery in it. Easier than having to check a phone every time becsuse Disney app-which you know need to use for basically EVERYTHING-already drains your battery. But, in true government fashion, the USPS has no idea what’s going on.

Let’s see what today’s mail holds in store for me.

Reading Comprehension is Hard

The Matrix Resurrections synopsis ignores the sequels as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II confirms Morpheus role

No, it doesn’t you dummy. Let me explain words to you. “Established” means that’s when something began. So, yes, Neo’s story was established in The Matrix, but it continued in the next two. Just because fan boys and film “critics” didn’t like 2 and 3 doesn’t mean everyone does.

Besides, if this one ignored the sequels then how does it even make sense?

Rarity Acquired

Because some idiots had to act a fool I missed the 30 year anniversary Joshua Tree tour show in 2017. But, behold! I found not one but TWO shirts from that tour with the St. Louis date listed. These were hard to find understandably because all the ones following that were likely remade with that stop removed.

Of course I bought them. There is a chance one of both may not be authentic but I don’t care.

Who the hell cares? What, is he that hard up for money his publicist had to make a story out of nothing? I’ve seen several stories about his.

Hamill is becoming less and less likeable. Especially after it came out that he and has family tried to coerce his 39-year-old son’s girl friend to have an adoption because “he wasn’t ready to be a father.” Not to mention his meddling in other states’ elections that don’t effect him. I always thought he was one of the “normal” Hollywood types, but nope. He’s just like the others, disconnected from the real world, ensconced in his Malibu bubble.

Mark “Look How Woke I Am” Hamill Virtue Signals Again

Man who lives in Malibu and likely grew up fairly comfortable and sent his kids to an expensive private school shows how woke he is by promoting Juneteenth and showing his ignorance about history.

Just look how Woke he is!

Let me edu-ma-cate you, Mr. Hamill.

1. Slavery was not the sole reason for the Civil War. A big reason, and the one that gets the most visceral response, but not the only one.

2. I’m willing to bet my left arm you had no idea about it or what it was until recently.

You prove yourself more and more an idiot with every tweet.