Mandalorian Season 1 Re-Watch

Just finished re-watching S1. Still pretty good. I do have some questions still. Like, how Mando doesn’t know about the Jedi. 🤷 Or the idea that being a Mandalorian is a “creed”, not a culture or race. I still don’t think this is going to retcon the ST, though. It might, but I doubt it.

Mandalorian Season 2, Episode “13” (aka 5)

(Going to try to be as vague as I can.)

First off…right from the bat it was obviously this was a Filoni episode because His Pet showed up. Because she gets shoehorned into EVE.RY.THING. First Rebels-which I could not get in to-now this. And to be frank, this character shouldn’t exist anymore because her existence breaks all sorts of lore and creates huge plot holes with 4-6. But seeing as that seems to be par for the course for Disney Star Wars, it’s not surprising.

Another thing was the appearance (well, name drop) of a certain beloved Imperial. At first I was happy, but then I realized he’ll probably be turned into an idiot because he’s male, and Males Are Bad.

Oh, and Baby Yoda has a name now, so there’s that. Also, Michael Biehn was in this episode! Yay Kyle Reese!

Overall, aside that brief excitement, this episode was meh.

And that’s my review.

Anna Stirred Up the Letter People Again…

…because she had an opinion about the art style of the She-Ra reboot.

I mean, she has a point. Look at these!

The one for Man-at-Arms looks like a 70s porn star from who used to frequent Studio 54 and is clinging to his fleeting fame.

The Letter People are upset because she doesn’t like the artwork because it looks like it was drawn by SJWs which it probably was. They don’t like the original because the female characters had boobs (heaven forbid!) and they claim this one is more kid appropriate but have no problem with two female characters making out.

Frankly the artwork looks like crap. But thats the style now. Evidently that’s how animation is being taught by the two leading animation schools, CalArts and SCAD which explains why practically are cartoons look the same now.


I can’t wait til the Letter People Cult drink the punch.

When You Don’t Understand Basic Anatomy..

You post stupid shit. Like Anita here. Worse, she’s a woman. She should knows what it feels like to have your boobs squashed. It hurts.

Of course she got called out for it. And of course, true to fashion, doubled down on it and even pulled out the old “Boys are mean gatekeepers” card. Dear, dear Anita…let me clue you in on something. Now listen closely, I’m going to use a lot of words, here…

Girls have ALWAYS been SW fans! You know how I know? I AM ONE! Been one for 40 years! Never had a boh tell me I couldn’t. Now, if anything was telling me Star Wars was for boys it was probably another girl.

I guess it’s true what Mark Twain said-Never argue with an idiot. They’ll drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

Had to Get the COVID Test

I think they stabbed my brain. God it was so uncomfortable. Imagine having something stuck up in your nose and it’s moving. Now moltiply that by 1,000. I coughed, my eyes were watering, and now I have a headache.

I do not want to go through that again.